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Climate change is more than weather so we must start now to build communities to house global warming and nuclear radiation refugees and others. New Hemp City(c) is a proposal in draft form being converted into a business plan. The mission's goal is to create an easily replaceable, environmentally conscious, crop financed community 3d printed out of hemp. The financial infrastructure ultimately includes a 10 story vertical farming green house on about 25% of the land.

The 5 year plan includes a couple of years of full crop growth to clean the soil and finalize designs on the community. As a result of elevated nuclear radiation levels, algae pools where pristine lakes use to be, global warming, oil spills, ocean levels continue to rise as homelessness remains a dire condition, etc. the need for easily built inland housing on aquifers is a lifesaving strategy. By adding a touch of science to the art of 3d printing, NHC can be built for about half of traditional construction costs.

NOT A 501(C)3
This concept is decades in development and is now at a point where the next step is to commission financial, agricultural, water and architectural experts to review and help polish this plan off. Even without funding, the Japan Hemp Association, producer of the Kyoto Hemp Forum and many other hemp and 3d printing activists have shared valuable insight to fine tune this idea.

In essence the plan is acquire/lease about 10 acres of land (scalable, i.e. 10 miles, Manhattan is only 12 miles long) where growing cannabis / hemp is legal.

3d print 10 story vertical greenhouse farming building on 25% of the land, then housing and business buildings and infrastructure on the rest.

The first year or two can be open grows to phytoremediate the land and water.

Hemp based business and employment opportunities are the economic foundation for NHC.

The growth, processing and sale of hemp based crop products like hemp foods that could end the UN Declared World Food Crisis serve dual constructive purposes of expanding markets and solving problems.

The service industry of Marijuana Tourism can become a sub industry as people travel to spend time in hemp fields and just relax with their ipads or laptop. Healing hemp oils can be made to deal with many modern illnesses like nuclear radiation exposure cancers.

Both male and female hemp are planned for profit to finance the community's development. The buds and leaves part of the female hemp plant should to pay production costs, salaries and investors. The rest is profit. Community based profit sharing must be factored in.

The plan is to use the stems and stalks for 3d / 4d / 5d printing buildings and infrastructure in hempcrete, hemp plaster, hemp plastics (10 times stronger than steel according to Henry Ford and will waterproof the buildings in the event of floods), hemp papers, hemp fabrics, hemp woods, etc.

Structures are being developed to include rounded edge buildings to eliminate wind damage, magnetic vortex water cleaning system, radiation shielding layer, wind / hydro / magnetic / solar free energy systems built in, and a hydro floor sub basement for hydrotherapy and swimming. A self sustaining water cleaning system, Hydreva, contributes to the community's stability. Build where the water is.

Also, like NASA with space travel, add a magnetic radiation reduction layer too. Since the building where the Jesuit priests survived the Hiroshima bomb was made from plaster, and hemp can be made into plaster, a plaster layer is important to environmentally conscious housing.

Hemp can be made into wood with plaster walls to reduce the effects of radiation. I am also looking into the priests wore black (color is energy) and were their robes made of hemp cloth.

In summary, the proposal is to grow hemp for profit and filament to use the contour crafting technique that can build a 2,500 sq. ft. building in less than 24 hours off of a CAD file. Building environmentally conscious housing using the contour crafting is much cheaper than traditional construction methods. This project can provide business opportunities, jobs, food, housing, clean water, etc. as you will read in the draft.

Here's some samples of hemp building materials and books on the subject 


Below is a link to the draft. 

Proposed by:

I am J. Nayer Hardin, founder of and a conductor on the Computer Underground Railroad, a cyber division of the original, since 1984.

After a dozen years in corporate media (CBS, NBC, ABC, UPI, and The Entertainment Channel), a dear friend, the artist Richie Havens told Mother Clara Hale about me back in the 1980's when I was referred to as the computer lady. After a lot of soul searching and studying the book A Course In Miracles I was transformed into a conductor on the Underground Railroad when Mother Hale commissioned me.

My mission is to use computers and other technology to help people be free. In addition to training and using computers as research tools, I see ending the drug war as this leg of my freedom mission so we can use hemp to phytoremediate, heal and prosper.

I have a track record of solving many problems, it's my passion, along with praying and smoking weed. I've been smoking marijuana since the 1960's and on computers since the 70's.

In the mid to late 80's I helped computerize small business people in Manhattan and wrote business plans / proposals with a wonderful team of friends and family.

In the 90's, after years with extensive computer injuries my friend Bernard Hirschenson (who did the Keep America Beautiful commercial in the 1960's) we received US Patent No. 5,188,321 that not only healed my extensive computer injuries but a quarter century later, the injuries in my upper body never returned. Need a new chair for the lower back injuries, but I key with my fingers so no problem. My CompUrest works in my bed too.

Also during that decade I was blessed to be able to train over 3,000 people how to compute, sharing computer skills. I have the unpublished signatures of many of the people I trained how to use a computer as back up verification which I plan to submit to a secure location in the future.

I did a lot of environmental work in Harlem like her being surrounded by 5 open sewers and the impact that was having on the infant mortality rate. From the Mohave desert in this century work on hemp as a solution to World Trade Center Illness and fixing Fukushima are published.

Three of the books I helped get published on Amazon for the late, great Richard M. Davis, USA Hemp Museum are (free .pdf links connected to book title - hard copy on Amazon for sale)

Hemp For Victory:

Here's a link to an article I wrote as part of a series on hemp and 3d printing

Thank you for considering this idea. Donations of cash, prayer and/or advice are appreciated.

NOT A 501(C)3

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Hydreva® - An Effective Solution To Water Pollution

water technologies inventor Ralph Suddath
Ralph Suddath is the inventor of Hydreva® clean water products. He is a multi-patent holding inventor involved in the advanced studies of water, energy, and agriculture technologies who has developed a family of dynamically effective, patented water treatment systems.

Mr. Suddath combines his quarter century of innovations with the research of many other noted scientists and inventors, especially Dr. Masaru EmotoVictor Schauberger, (books by and about both men listed at the end of this article), Nikola Tesla and Bruce DePalma. The vortex system that Suddath invented applies natural magnetic principles to water treatment. It deep cleans water at the level of memory.

"Vortex Frequency Resonance (VFR) is a very important emerging water technology.  It combines vortices, magnetism and the ability to program beneficial frequency patterns into water.  This technology is being pioneered by our firm via our Hydreva® products.  The results involves a more ideal crystalline structure of water and a higher energetic state. By implementing certain technologies with subtle electromagnetic components, it is possible not only to erase water’s negative memory but also to induce positive bio-frequencies, with immediate related water quality improvements.
Living, energized, structured water creates better human and environmental health.  As the years pass, this will become recognized.  The development of Hydreva’s new approach to water treatment will help greatly reduce the need for toxic chemicals currently in use in water treatment and create countless natural benefits."
Ralph’s expertise in developing breakthrough technologies that address today’s primary water problems, i.e. lead, fracking, waste water, algae, infrastructurecrop yield, health, etc. is legendary. 

Hydreva is also sold as the plant growth accelerator Jungle Secret Water, that delivers 20%-40% increased plant yield. I look forward to testing the theory that bigger crops mean greater phytoremediation results. 

Above plants grown under identical conditions

For more information on this evolutionary water treatment system, visit Hydreva® to learn more about what it can do for you, your family and community.

Books By and About Dr. Masaru Emoto


Books By and About Victor Schauberger 


Monday, August 29, 2016

Rise Up And Vote! 2016’s State Ballots Concerning Marijuana Legalization

Hemp by whatever name, strain or gender
(marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot, ganja, maryjane, etc.)
is on the ballot in at least nine states in the
USA this November.

As of 8/23/16
Oklahoma has enough signatures
to put it on the ballot there, which makes ten if approved.

The links below are to the ballots and YouTube pieces both pro and con. 

Hemp Growing by Ed Rosenthal books 








[no YouTube list yet]


North Dakota


If it's legal for you to vote, please do.

If it's not legal for you to vote, help someone who can.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Kyoto Hemp Forum Notes - Hemp Phytoremediation for Lead Poisoning

There is substantial evidence that lead causes violent behavior going back to the age of Ancient Rome that used lead pipes to deliver water to citizens. The theory that 'Nero fiddled while Rome burned' is in reference to the people driven mad from the lead pipes from the aqueduct. We can do a lot to save ourselves with a little bit of common sense. 

Even in modern times, whenever my attention is drawn to a USA violence problem, i.e. Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois, there is a problem with too much lead in the water in that city/town. The mental health condition use to be called plumber's or painter's colic. 

While some politicians lie and say the cause of violence is guns, and racist lie and say the cause of violence is genetic, the real cause of violence could be too much lead in the water. 

CNN’s United Shades covered the violence in CamdenNJ, a town with a lead problem since the last century. There's also Flint where the government intentionally put lead in the water and many other places. The water from Flint runs into Detroit. Chicago has old lead pipes built into its infrastructure. The list of areas with a lead problem is long and unattended. 

We must fix this by 5D, 4D, 3D printing a new infrastructure made from locally grown hemp to replace toxic lead in the pipes with non-toxic materials.  

When the problem is violence the solution is to peacefully resolve the issue. When the problem is lead as a cause of violent behavior, the solution is to clean up and/or safely restore the excess lead to it's natural position in the world. 



1. Use hemp to clean the soil via the science of phytoremediation.. 


"Phytoextraction has been proven effective at a brownfields site in Trenton, New Jersey for remediation of lead-contaminated shallow soils (Blaylock et al., 1996). Approximately 50% of the lead was removed from the surface soil (~ 700 mg/kg) in order to achieve clean-up standards (400 mg/kg) in one year using Brassica juncea, a relative of the mustard family. For phytoextraction to be effective, one needs vigorously growing plants (and 3 tons dry matter/acre-yr), an easily harvestable aboveground portion, and a plant that accumulates large amounts of metals (~ 1000 mg/kg) in aboveground biomass. To achieve clean-up within three to five years, the plant must accumulate about ten times the level in soil (for example, if the level in soil is 500 mg/kg, then the concentration in the plant must be almost 5000 mg/kg to clean-up the soil in a few years). Some sites have metals that are bioavailable while others do not. Generally, cadmium, nickel, zinc, arsenic, and copper are relatively bioavailable while lead, chromium, and uranium are not taken-up and translocated to the harvestable biomass. Plants which accumulate nickel, cobalt, copper, manganese, lead, zinc, and selenium have been reported in the literature (Kumar et al., 1995). Zinc and boron are phytotoxic to some plants at levels above 200 mg/kg in soil. Addition of EDTA (0.5 to 10 µg EDTA/kg soil) has greatly enhanced the bioavailability of lead, but the enhancement must be weighed against the increased probability of lead migration to groundwater. Mathematical modeling of water movement and metals transport may be required to further understand the fate of lead under these conditions." (pages 14 and18 of the .pdf)

2. Use 5D, 4D and 3D printing to rebuild our infrastructure using hemp as the primary raw resource material. 

Clean water on the memory level i.e. Hydreva to remove toxins that cause both physical and mental health problems that are proven to be a cause of violence and many other problems in search of solutions. 

Above plants grown under identical conditions
with and without Hydreva

We must act now! A key to reducing violence is to remove the excess lead and other toxins that are harming us. We must combine science and common sense to reach necessary truths so we can restore balance. 

As was the case with crack and AIDS, the victims of government policies are blamed for not being able to overcome the scientific results. A report called The Color Of Crime, 2016 Edition was published that says the USA violence problem is rooted in race:

• "The evidence suggests that if there is police racial bias in arrests it is negligible. Victim and witness surveys show that police arrest violent criminals in close proportion to the rates at which criminals of different races commit violent crimes. • There are dramatic race differences in crime rates. Asians have the lowest rates, followed by whites, and then Hispanics. Blacks have notably high crime rates. This pattern holds true for virtually all crime categories and for virtually all age groups. • In 2013, a black was six times more likely than a non-black to commit murder, and 12 times more likely to murder someone of another race than to be murdered by someone of another race."Once again, it is time to look beyond the effect and get to the real cause of violence. I grew up in a large family in the middle of the last century with a back porch full of guns. Nobody shot anybody. 


The report does not factor in what's called environmental racism, where minority communities are subjected to excess amounts of lead and other toxins. For example, with buildings from the 1930's and 40's still standing in use, Harlem is surrounded by 5 open sewers, 3 of 4 sides with major highways in close range that use to throw off lead from the cars, etc. 

Of course with nuclear, fracking, GMO's, oil spill technology, etc., it's getting environmentally bad for all of us.

I'm still researching and putting this tapestry together. 

  • What if hemp can help reduce violence and lead poisoning? 
  • What if the peace pipe gives folks an opportunity to engage in non-violent conflict resolution? 
  • Can medical marijuana, like Rick Simpson's Oil, help with physical conditions created by lead exposure, which is creating a lot of stress in people's lives? 

We already know based on results the answer to those questions.  

Below is a list of studies, papers, articles on the subject of lead as a cause of violent behavior i.e. Harvard paper and a Mother Jones piece. Forbes  also has an excellent article on the subject.

My blog entry Phytoremediation - Nature's Peaceful Solution To Industrial Pollution has many articles and videos on the science of phytoremediation, i.e. 

"Overall, phytoremediation has great potential for cleaning up toxic metals, pesticides, solvents, gasoline, and explosives. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than 30,000 sites in the United States alone require hazardous waste treatment. Restoring these areas and their soil, as well as disposing of the wastes, are costly projects, but the costs are expected to be reduced drastically if plants provide the phytoremediation results everyone is hoping for." 

Harvard Study on lead and violence.

Govt. knew about Camden lead problem since the beginning of this century, at least

NY  lead-pubs

This piece is a continuation of the work done at an amazing meeting in Kyoto, Japan on July 2, 2016, the Kyoto Hemp Forum, produced by the Japan Hemp Association. The event discussed the hemp solution to climate change

This international gathering radically intensified research on the need to, as Paul Stanford says, RESTORE HEMP! The group is going forward to promote and unite farmers to get hemp and other phytoremediation seeds into the ground.

In addition to climate change, hemp phytoremediation removes many toxic metals from the soil with its 6 foot root system. One of those metals is lead, a cause of many physical health problems and violent behavior.

It's old school knowledge that the best way to solve a problem is at the level of cause. Since one of the cases of violence is lead, it's time to get the lead out. 

It's Time4Hemp

Let me know what you think, please.


"Using computers and other technology to help people be free."

About J. Nayer Hardin, Founder of and a Conductor on
the Computer Underground Railroad
a cyber division of the original